Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving. Sandy Relief.

There is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. So many crazy things happening in the world now. I am thankful that on Thursday I will be baking a linzer torte in a warm home. There are so many people without warm homes now.. So be thankful and always consider how fortunate we are. In the spirit of Thanksgiving consider donating to some relief efforts on the East Coast - helping those in need this holiday week. Here are some grass roots options from some motivated ass kicking friends.. 

Renegade Sandy Relief is a direct action grassroots initiative working to assist in relief and rebuilding efforts in the most devastated areas of NYC

Waves For Water has been a hub for various grass roots fundraisers all over the east coast. They have many different organizations listed on their site and have been instrumental in helping people organize:

Food For Sandy-Moms with Hearts and Food started by my neighbor and commercial producer provides 2 hot food trucks twice per week to different communities affected by Sandy:

The Occupy Movement has been doing some incredible things. They can put you to work.  A great place to send your money.  Check out the site, they can also keep you informed:

Rockway Rescue Alliance Shore Soup. Feeding people in the Rockaways:

And there are many more wonderful organizations out there. People are amazing.