Friday, April 30, 2010

Midnight Snack! New Zealand Spinach and Glazed Carrot Salad, Baked Tofu and Brown Rice Cooked in Duck Stock!

Ok so I like to cook at midnight. That is dinner time after all!! This is when you look into the fridge and wonder.. what's left?? Tonight I found homemade tofu, carrots and new zealand spinach from the farmers market, brown rice and duck stock from Marlow & Daughters. Well Balanced for 12am.. I'd say! A little oragnic tamari, toasted seasame oil, and my all time favorite -Agrumato lemon oil. This lemon oil is amazing... it is not infused like other lemon oils - the whole lemon is pressed with the olives - this gives it a much brighter flavor that is truly lemony. OK so 1 cup of brown rice and 2 cups of duck stock (you can use water chicken or veggie stock) into my Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker. Truly the most awesome rice cooker - fully programable for type of rice and keeps your rice perfectly steamed for up to 12 hours! Pre heat oven to 350. Now some people like to rinse their tofu and remove excess water by pressing the tofu between two cooking sheets and placing something heavy on top - like a can of tomatoes... this helps the tofu absorb the marinades. It was midnight and I really didn't want to do more dishes so I skipped this step and it was still great. I think it really is more of a personal preference and the home made tofu absorbs pretty well anyways! Slice the tofu into 1/2" slices and place on baking sheet. Drizzle both sides of the tofu with 1tsp toasted sesame oil and 1 tsp tamari. Place tofu in oven for apprx 20 mins. Rinse New Zealand spinach and place in a large bowl filled with cold water. I like to let it soak in cold water until right before I am done cooking and do a quick final rinse before serving... New zealand spinach is delicious. delicate with thick leaves and a slightly acidic flavor.. It is great raw. Wash and peel the carrots and cut at an angle. Heat a pan over medium high heat. Once the pan is hot add 1 tsp oil and 1 tsp butter until bubbling - then add the carrots a tsp of sugar and a 1/2 tsp of salt. Turn down heat to medium low. Let the carrots brown stirring every few minutes until both sides are slightly blackened about 10 or 15 mins. The rice and tofu should be done by this time. Dry the New Zealand Spinach. Scoop the duck enhanced brown rice into serving bowls and place baked tofu on top. Pile on the raw new zealand spinach and sprinkle on the glazed carrots. Now the final and most important step to make this veggie dish POP - Drizzle Agrumato lemon oil and balsamic vinegar over greens and carrots. Salt and Pepper. Mmmmmm.
Agrumato Lemon Oil makes everything delicious!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


This sofa was purchased by my friend and mentor Marla Weinhoff for "The Guitar" directed by Amy Redford. After the film wrapped they had a big prop sale and I talked a sofaless girlfriend into buying it for $150 bucks! When she moved to LA she gave it to me!!! And I couldn't resist a psychedelic redux!! Thank you Martin Albert Interiors! Crazy. Just Crazy.


The one thing about Japanese dining I have always loved is the beauty the delicacy the craft. It is an art form and is treated like one at 1or8 Atelier of Food in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Unlike other rustic places in the neighborhood where you sit on hard wooden stools... 1or8 has a surprisingly large, comfortable, immaculately clean, and well lit dining area. From the Ninjin Mary -a tasty play on a bloody mary, to the yuzusco laced carpaccio, and the unexpected flavors of the terrine. 1or8 blends elements of French cooking with Japanese flavors, and the result is truly unique. Beautifully plated, perfectly cooked, deliciously thought out dishes, with amazing service. This is a destination where you can truly "dine". With fresh fish flown in from Tokyo everyday.. to the carrots for the Ninjin Mary that are flown in seasonally from the north part of Japan. 1or8 really is all or nothing as the name suggests. It is extreme and global. A highly recommended experience. Very reasonably priced.

1 or 8
Atelier of Food
66 South 2nd Street Brooklyn NY 11211 (718) 384-2152

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Photo by Marla Weinhoff. From the window of the Kravet Showroom

Today I have been bombarded by tid bits of media about how to maximize small spaces. I've lived in New York for 12 years so you'd think I would be a pro by now - but until 3 years ago I had always lived in gigantic lofts which allow you to accumulate without notice.. Now that i live in a regular sized apartment.. it has been a struggle and one everyone here goes thru.

In this weekends New York Times I read about a man who has lived in 348 sq feet since 1985.. Here we have a pro who knows how to make it work. The problem always is "things".. i mean we are people.. we love things.. they inspire us intrigue us and allow us to create a mood within our space.. a mood that contrasts with the outside world.. a mood that highlights our interests and personality. To be able to express this and live in 348 sq feet is a miracle and a gift. Multipurpose. Multifunctional. Storage and reflective surfaces. Mirrors. This seems to be an underlying theme for maximizing small spaces.
In my morning sift thru the news I landed on a blog called You can imagine what they help you with here. There was an article about a woman who had gone to clean out a storage room she had rented for 7 years. She threw away almost everything in the storage room save a few sentimental items small enough to fill a drawer. She did the calculations.. 7 years at $120 per month was $10,000. She had spent 10,000 storing a bunch of crap she threw in the trash. Like her storage unit many of us small apartment dwellers keep a bunch of shit we just dont need. Release it. Bye bye. If you dont love it use it need it. Let it go.

As I scrolled thru the rest of the unclutterer site I noticed a video about an apartment in Hong Kong. The space had been written up in the NYTimes over a year ago "24 rooms tucked into one".. Hong Kong Architect Gary Chang wins the award on small space living... in his own spaceship modern style he has transformed the 344 square foot apartment which at one time housed his entire family and a tenant! This is an architect employed everything he knew about architecture and small space living to create his dream. The video from Discovery Channels Worlds Greenest Homes is at the bottom. Pretty Crazy. The Transformer. Check it OUT>

Monday, April 26, 2010


85 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11211 (718) 486 3077
Grass Fed Dry Aged Sirloin Steak Bone Marrow Butter Scallions Fries Mayonnaise Ketchup Watercress Salad.... Mint Pot De Creme with Mast Brothers chocolate shavings. Reeling from a vitamin B sugar high. I imagine this is what Dr. FeelGood's magic health shot felt like. Diner has been in Williamsburg so long that at some point I must have taken them for granted... I remember when they first opened. there was no where else to eat. it was the best. now in this cesspool of hippness. they are standing out... two feet planted firmly on the ground. damn. that was good.


Inside the NBA gives fashion commentary?! What!?
"The Poindexter."
"GO Gadget GO!!!"
"Somebody give him an umbrella"
"The Cadet"

Sunday, April 25, 2010


A rainy day... Maybe... A Blue Blazer at Dram Bar! Cure your chills. Tom Chadwick pours a tasty fire. Dram Bar. New. Ish. A beautiful space on South 4th street specializing in mixology and soon... small plates.. I love the location. The design. The layout. The vibe. The bathroom with the wooden spoon that acts as your door lock. Its the old ChickenBone for those who remember... I will never forget.. where I spent the first evening of the NYC black out... they had to cook all their food before it went bad.. so neighbors brought out barbecue's and they took I owe you's.... Same owner new concept. Stop by. A nice chill place to relax and imbibe. 177 South 4th street. WilliB. BK.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


The lilacs are out!! Blooming in great lush quantities everywhere. Every color imaginable and each with their own distinct smell. These lilacs were on show at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and bunches are for sale in every farmers market in the city!! The lilac scent is an intoxicating addition to any home!! Get em while their hot!
Even this little guy was out enjoying the fragrance.
Now do you recall.... Louie the Lilac and his very stylish side kick Lila? Lila's Lilac Shop 11 Lavender Lane... Very Rare Lilacs....


Last night a new friend leaned in and said.. "Can I ask you something personal?" I was intrigued. "Of course! what?!" she leaned in closer "What scent are you wearing??"... I laughed!! My favorite scent right now is Cypr├ęs from Diptyque but they only make a room spray.. its a larger bottle and its cheaper than the perfume so it works out!!! This was a hot tip from my favorite perfume store in NYC> Aedes de Venustas... Go smell and be smelled.

Because a good scent is not cheap... you can order 7 fragrance samples from Aedes for $15. Includes shipping.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I first read about Big Bambu in The World of Interiors (Nov 2009).. The Starn brothers, identical twins, and 15 mountain climbers were building this massive structure out of bamboo in a giant warehouse in Beacon NY. The piece was designed to constantly change, removing pieces from one end and adding them to the other it would appear to "walk" across the warehouse.. "Its like an organism", says Doug. "It's a reflection of what it is to grow, change and develop anything - a person, family, city.... whatever. Whether it's individual molecules in a body or entire societies, they are all made up of individual parts that are catalysts that affect and change one another. The progression of life is chaotic." Featured in todays NYTimes Doug and Mike Starn and their team of mountain climbers are currently installing Big Bambu on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Big Bambu will continue to grow and change from its opening on Tuesday April 27th reaching a final height of 50 feet by mid July!! Pathways will be open to timed guided tours only... So you know where I will be!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


IF ONLY!! We could order matching pajamas for everyone below!!! And since everything is coordinated why not the carpet too?

Just look at those prints. The wallpaper matches the drapes matches the bedspread matches the upholstery. And as a contrast we have the pattern in two different color ways! HA!
Oh Susan. Oh Roberta. Oh the balloon shades!!! Desperately seeking Laura Ashley.
And of course. Chloe Sevigny in tow. A nod to the decade she loves to follow.
But now, seriously, we must pay homage to the original coordination man John Witherspoon.


This is how I dance. How about you?

Contributing editor Josh Werner.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As shocking as you expect. And still a glimmer of hope. Food Inc a POV piece on PBS explores how food in this country is manufactured, processed, and protected. The good the bad and the ugly. The positive message here is that things can change. And its not because people are becoming enlightened.. its because of consumer demand! SO KEEP DEMANDING!! Vote at the cash register with the food you buy. Some of us will think we are not affected... But what about this: In 1996 2% of all the soybeans in the US contained a patented gene made by Roundup (yes the company that makes weed killer also makes crop seeds!) which makes the plant resistant to herbicide.. By 2008, over 90% of soybeans in the US contained this gene. And this patent is protected by force. Business has turned food and farming into what it is now. We are all part of the process so we should all know more about the food we eat and the food that is available to us. It is essential to buy food that was raised and processed honestly. Buy local. Buy organic. Buy in season.

Sad...Scary, but we the "wallets" can make the difference.

Great documentary. I grew up in a farming community and bought into the lies being sold to the consumers today. I've also been the "low-income" individual that couldn't afford to eat "right". The cold reality is that the consumer can only make a difference by buying responsibly and/or boycotting products that are unsafe or unethical. The FDA/USDA will not protect you, nor will the industry rush to ensure your safety. The case of rBGH is a proven point. An educated public chose not buy products that contained rBGH, and the industry had to respond by eliminating it from the farms. Money will always force the hand of politics and big industry, ethics/moraltiy will never/seldom win. Take care of you and your family by becoming eductated, and then demanding full product disclosure. Use your wallet and your brain. Pass the info along and vote appropriately.

by Rob from Snohomish, WA


Just plain badd ass. desperately seeking susan.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Olso is certainly no new news here in Williamsburg. It has its hardcore fans who line up to get their fix while the one barista takes time creating your custom cup..... Shameful but I have only been to Oslo twice in all the years they have been open. Once for a cappuccino and once for a black cup of coffee and I was never drawn back by the brew. So in an effort to understand the hype.. and as I was out of coffee beans.. I decided to do a brew at home test on their Brooklyn roasted beans. I bought one half pound of every bean available and ran home to grind and brew. I drink my coffee black - grind and cone drip everyday - so I am especially sensitive to the flavor of the bean. I like it dark rich and smooth. While their house blend THOR and the special TORAJA left me unenchanted both with a bitter taste.. I was pleasantly surprised to find two new favorite beans... FREYA dark and yummy and ODIN smooth and rich. Always nice to have a new bean 3 blocks away from home. And now I finally understand the rave reviews. Shout out. Holler.



"I write this with tears in my eyes, not of sorrow but of joy for what a wonderful life I have enjoyed and how many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting."

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last week I went to Pies & Thighs to taste the heavily praised Eggs Bacon Biscuit Cheese breakfast sandwich.... Today my husband brought me home the Eggs Bacon Biscuit Cheese breakfast sandwich from Marlow & Sons... There is simply NO comparison. Marlo & Sons wins HANDS DOWN. The best eggs bacon cheese on a biscuit in Williamsburgh! It melted in my mouth and didnt leave me with a heavy tummy ache... mmmmmmmmm yes its 8$ but totally worth it!! On another note Pies and Thighs did receive honorable mention for their Cinnamon Roll from our bakery editor and connoisseur Josh Werner.


There is just NO ONE with more positive enthusiasm about street fashion that Bill Cunningham. He is simply the best. On The Street with Bill Cunningham is my absolute favorite part of the New York Times online. It is a breath of fresh air. He has beautiful outlook on the people of New York. His voice and passion bring a smile to my face every time. Here is a little sneak peak of some of his Easter Style photos from the Easter Parade on Fifth Ave... Check him out! And if you love him as much as I do you may want to read his story - its truly inspirational!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Pork Chops!! With Garam Masala Applesauce!! For Breakfast!!! YES!!! Why not!! I had these two amazing pork chops from Arcadian Pastures that I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket. So Fresh and So Clean! They had to be eaten right away to insure the tastiest flavor and we had dinner plans out so... I whipped up this crazy breakfast real quick and it was a home run. Preheat your oven to 450.
I had some great apples from the Red Jacket Orchards greemarket stand -used two apples washed them cored them chopped them with skins on. Sliced some dried apricots and placed in the pot adding about a tsp of garam masala, a tbsp of sugar, a tbsp of honey, and a dash of salt. Get them bubbling on med high heat and then reduce to simmer with a lid for apprx 5 mins.
While the apples were releasing their juices... I started on a quick and impulsive marinade for the chops.. I juiced a whole orange - mixed it with a tbsp of honey a dash of garam masala, quite a bit o salt (tbsp-ish) and poured it over the pork chops. Let stand for 5-10mins (thats all the time I had!)
I put a cast iron pan on the stove top - got it nice and hot - high heat...added a bit of olive oil till shimmering and threw those porkchops. 3 mins on each side. Meanwhile I cracked two eggs on an oiled pan and let em fry..
once the porkchops were browned on both sides I transferred them to the oven at 450 for a about 8 more mins..and turned em over about half way thru.. I like my chop to register 125 on the meat thermometer before I remove from the oven.. tent with foil and let stand 5 mins or so... While the meat sits it continues to cook - you want it to read about 145 on a meat thermometer before serving..
It was an extravagant breakfast but look mom no carbs!!! LOL. Happy Eating!!