Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well the outfit should tell you this is 1979 - The wall paint and lounge chair should tell you the same thing. This was all the rage then. So was the super rad outfit. I think I just saw that sweatshirt on the street yesterday in Williamsburg. Arthur Macdonald you look fantastic! Those shoes are whiter than white! And your stash is blacker than black!
Roof top 1979. Lets just say David Beckham eat your heart out. You wonder where Armani got the concept. Puhleaze! Arthur does it with authenticity. Look how he brought a blanket and sofa cushions to the roof. Hotness!!

And finally this masterpiece. It has to be 1980. Allentown PA. The shirt. The shorts. The belt. The socks!!! The fan on the side table. The crystal decanter with matching glasses. A moment in time caught on Polaroid. A+mazing.

All photos courtesy of Arthur MacDonald - contributing decor editor.

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