Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Olso is certainly no new news here in Williamsburg. It has its hardcore fans who line up to get their fix while the one barista takes time creating your custom cup..... Shameful but I have only been to Oslo twice in all the years they have been open. Once for a cappuccino and once for a black cup of coffee and I was never drawn back by the brew. So in an effort to understand the hype.. and as I was out of coffee beans.. I decided to do a brew at home test on their Brooklyn roasted beans. I bought one half pound of every bean available and ran home to grind and brew. I drink my coffee black - grind and cone drip everyday - so I am especially sensitive to the flavor of the bean. I like it dark rich and smooth. While their house blend THOR and the special TORAJA left me unenchanted both with a bitter taste.. I was pleasantly surprised to find two new favorite beans... FREYA dark and yummy and ODIN smooth and rich. Always nice to have a new bean 3 blocks away from home. And now I finally understand the rave reviews. Shout out. Holler.

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