Friday, April 23, 2010


I first read about Big Bambu in The World of Interiors (Nov 2009).. The Starn brothers, identical twins, and 15 mountain climbers were building this massive structure out of bamboo in a giant warehouse in Beacon NY. The piece was designed to constantly change, removing pieces from one end and adding them to the other it would appear to "walk" across the warehouse.. "Its like an organism", says Doug. "It's a reflection of what it is to grow, change and develop anything - a person, family, city.... whatever. Whether it's individual molecules in a body or entire societies, they are all made up of individual parts that are catalysts that affect and change one another. The progression of life is chaotic." Featured in todays NYTimes Doug and Mike Starn and their team of mountain climbers are currently installing Big Bambu on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Big Bambu will continue to grow and change from its opening on Tuesday April 27th reaching a final height of 50 feet by mid July!! Pathways will be open to timed guided tours only... So you know where I will be!!!

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  1. Awesome idea! Love the use of material - we need more bamboo construction. Gotta get up there to check it out sometime soon....

    - Bryan
    Trenton Atelier