Saturday, April 17, 2010


Pork Chops!! With Garam Masala Applesauce!! For Breakfast!!! YES!!! Why not!! I had these two amazing pork chops from Arcadian Pastures that I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket. So Fresh and So Clean! They had to be eaten right away to insure the tastiest flavor and we had dinner plans out so... I whipped up this crazy breakfast real quick and it was a home run. Preheat your oven to 450.
I had some great apples from the Red Jacket Orchards greemarket stand -used two apples washed them cored them chopped them with skins on. Sliced some dried apricots and placed in the pot adding about a tsp of garam masala, a tbsp of sugar, a tbsp of honey, and a dash of salt. Get them bubbling on med high heat and then reduce to simmer with a lid for apprx 5 mins.
While the apples were releasing their juices... I started on a quick and impulsive marinade for the chops.. I juiced a whole orange - mixed it with a tbsp of honey a dash of garam masala, quite a bit o salt (tbsp-ish) and poured it over the pork chops. Let stand for 5-10mins (thats all the time I had!)
I put a cast iron pan on the stove top - got it nice and hot - high heat...added a bit of olive oil till shimmering and threw those porkchops. 3 mins on each side. Meanwhile I cracked two eggs on an oiled pan and let em fry..
once the porkchops were browned on both sides I transferred them to the oven at 450 for a about 8 more mins..and turned em over about half way thru.. I like my chop to register 125 on the meat thermometer before I remove from the oven.. tent with foil and let stand 5 mins or so... While the meat sits it continues to cook - you want it to read about 145 on a meat thermometer before serving..
It was an extravagant breakfast but look mom no carbs!!! LOL. Happy Eating!!

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummmmmmmmmy! Looks great!