Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meghan goes to Alex and Wonderland and gets a DiscoCation!

Well. I was born in the 70's but not soon enough to have disco'd at any of the fab joints that graced NYC back then. There was no wrong if you were groovin. Celebrate you! Celebrate your friends! Celebrate life. Move it! Shake it! Disco! My awesome friend Arthur MacDonald made me these superfly Disco Discs!!!!! Shall we bow and arrow? shopping cart anyone? Love peace and disco yall. We saved the best for last -so don't miss it! Scroll directly to the last video go full screen and turn up the volume!!


1. This Time Baby - Jackie More - 1978

2. Was That All that it was - Jean Carn - 1979

3. Saturday - Norma Jean Wright - 1978

4. I Love you More - Rene & Angela -1981

5. Searching to find the ONe - Unlimited Touch -1981

6. Think it Over - Cissy Housten - 1978

7. Sinner Man - Sarah Dash - 1979

8. Pick Me Up Ill Dance - Melba Moore - 1978

9. Love is You - Carol Williams -1976

10. You stepped into my Life - Melba Moore - 1978

11. Can you Handle it - Sharon Redd

12. Dance A little Bit Closer - Charro

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