Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Long Count at BAM : Beautiful Projections

An awesome show last night. Featuring Bryce and Aaron Dessner and Kim and Kelley Deal with a handball opener by local twin tweens Racquel and Joshua Garcia. A bit of a twin fest I guess you could say. Beautiful haunting music. Beautiful projections. A show loaded with symmetry. A projection screen unlike any I have seen before which was like a cross section of a geodesic dome...or the inside of a cut gemstone... The projections back projected on this beautiful screen stole the show.... by Matthew Ritchie, Nick Roth, James Case and Jim Caffrey. The projections were the result of a multimedia project by Matthew Ritchie called "The Morning Line" AMAZING PROJECTIONS. See video about Matthew Ritchie

Photos of the show below courtesy of

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