Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Lack Of Apples: Kumquat Relish On Your Pork Chops!

Angie was coming over for dinner.. and I wanted to do something special. I went to Marlo & Daughters for inspiration. The pork chops looked beautiful thick fat on the edges and lean pink meat inside. I searched for apples but the season left none. The thought of making pork chops without apple sauce confused me... Next to the meat counter were crates of oranges lemons and... kumquats!?! Why not a kumquat relish!? I coated the pork chops with salt pepper and browned them in a hot pan for 6 mins or so on each side until the thermometer read 140. I pulled them out covered them and set them to rest. While the pan was still hot and sizzling with pork fat I tossed in sliced kumquats a clove of pressed garlic and some salt. On the heat for a few minutes. After the pork chops had rested for 5 mins or so and the juice collected on the plate.. I poured the meat juice into the kumquat mixture and reduced a couple more mins. Plate chops with a generous scoop of kumquat relish and a nice scoop of buttery celery root puree (celery root butter and veggie stock) Angie had been at the farmers market earlier in the day and brought over an herb salad with sunflower sprouts. She dressed it with walnut oil sherry vinegar and another clove of pressed garlic. Surprisingly awesome. Kumquats on Pork Chops!

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