Friday, March 18, 2011

Must See Movie: Bill Cunningham New York

I had no idea who Bill Cunningham really was until my Sunday Times was repeatedly stolen and I finally gave in to reading the paper online. Every week the posts a slideshow of his photographs and Bill narrates it himself. For years I have enjoyed his juxtaposed pictures in the paper -but it was not until I heard his voice that I realized how truly amazing he is. So full of enthusiasm, excitement, joy, and optimism. So pure. He sees the beauty and the humor in fashion and in people. Every time I hear Bills voice I am reminded of the real goal - to be so inspired and so excited about what you do every day that exerting energy invigorates rather than depletes you. Richard Press delicately explores this amazing person who has touched everyone in this city and reminds us all what it means to live for your work. Thank you Richard Press. Thank you Bill Cunningham for inspiring us all. A MUST SEE FILM.

Interview with Richard Press here.

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