Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Office: Pickles Pulled Pork Potatoes in that order

When you open the menu at Post Office you learn quickly that the focus here is on American whiskey, bourbon, and rye all from small distilleries you have never heard of. I started it off right with a glass of St.George single malt whiskey. Some fresh oysters served with a nostalgic cocktail sauce and topped with fresh shavings of horse radish.. The pickles were generous - fruit and vegetables mixed - blackberries, sliced peaches, pears, jullienne carrots, chunks of broccoli, root vegetables, green tomatoes - salty and vinegary but earthy enough to compete with my favorite oshinko. The pulled pork was sweet savory delicious served on a brioche bun and totally amazing for 7$. The mashed potatoes smooth salty full of butter cream and bacon. Nice vibe tasty plates amazing whiskey and affordably priced. They really crank out an amazing amount of food from a kitchen the size of a closet. Loving the custom decanter pedant lights over the bar. Check it out. A nice new hang on a block that used to be dominated by 99cent stores and boarded up store fronts.

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