Saturday, May 22, 2010

An afternoon in Chelsea... Monet, Comme des Garcons, & Peoples Pops!

I had spent way too many days inside staring at the computer so I met Marla on the High Line for a walk in Chelsea. There was a new piece of public art up - Richard Galpin's Viewing Station. At the end of the High Line workers were beginning to lay soil all the way to the 30's. Crazy to think that soon you will be able walk from the meatpacking to the 30's in less time than it would take a cab! We walked to the Gagosian Gallery for the Monet show. Beautiful. Open until June 26th. Some things should be seen in person!
Mini decorative side note...check out the frames! These shows are assembled from private collections and always have the craziest frames. A kind of craftsmanship and extravagance that is reserved for masterworks. Its always fun to study them. Some are simple some ornate. All have Monet inside.
At the door of the Gagosian they ask you to check your bag. While everyone was grumbling I was stoked and blurted out AWESOME! Who wants to carry a bag thru a Monet show anyway! The ladies at the bag check thought I was funny and when we left they made a big show of giving us free posters. ha.
Strolling around we passed these life size paintings by Lynette Yiandom which I was into.
A few more galleries and my eyeballs were fried. But I had to stop at the Comme De Garcons boutique.. A rough but carefully curated exterior.
A slick and sculptural interior. I love this store.
I treat it like a gallery. I have been in dozens of times and have only ever purchased a couple things. These wallets which I LOVE!
And my favorite coat -Junya Watanabe- a gift from my man!
Next Stop Peoples Pops! My friend Joel Horowitz and his partners have really stepped it up this year and opened a shop in the Chelsea Market.
Popsicles and shave ice made from local produce and cane sugar in flavors like apricot+cardamon and plum+yogurt+tarragon. A line of people and children were waiting for the shave ice. I overheard the ice shaver explain to the kids that they buy the ice in 300lbs blocks and have to break it up into 45lbs blocks which you see on the counter...
A nice way to cool down. A simple delicious treat. Check it out! Stop by!! And for all you Williamsburgers out there who dont like to leave the 10 block radius of your house (self included) - they now sell Peoples Pops at Marlo & Daughters! word!

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