Wednesday, May 5, 2010


it was a beautiful day. Arthur MacDonald my contributing editor (aka the decorating mustache) came over for a nice walk about. He rode his bicycle over the williamsburg bridge with a lemon cake and a box of powdered sugar in the front basket. We had recently done some electrical at my house hanging a light fixture and planned to brunch with our girl Bloody Mary at his favorite 50's diner Relish. We had a nice stroll up bedford avenue perusing the street vendors wondering if Haight St and Telegraph Ave had followed us east.. Arthur bought me a sweet murano glass paperweight for 2$!! We then took it to brunch with us at Relish...
A few Bloody Marys and a burger later we strolled past Sanford and Svens for some rumaging.
Arthur is a 50's fanatic and found some old Look Magazines...
I found a Gravel Art Tiger Zebra Cat for $35!! Must Have!! It needed a little make over so putty tape and paint was the afternoon activity!
While the paint was drying.. Arthur taught me how to make lemon frosting for his lemon cake!
Lemon zest, Lemon juice, powdered sugar. Mix until consistency holds together like a ribbon when drizzled from a spoon.. Who knew a box of powdered sugar and one lemon could make such amazing lemon frosting!!
And with my gravel art frame done..... We were ready to call it a day! Turned out real nice.
And yes I hung it above eye level which is "against the rules" but i had to put something else near that TV to distract my eyes!!!


  1. Yei!! Arthur in the house! Love the extra long zebra kitty and I'm wondering if there's any of that cake left??
    p.s. Relish looks zexy in those photos..;)

  2. You changed your house around. Send me pictures. I have also put homemade meyer-lemon frosting on top of flowerless chocolate brownies before and that was a big hit.

  3. Let me re-phrase and say that I ate 4 of the lemon frosted-cupcakes myself throughout the evening.

  4. I love you guys!!!! Thanks for the comments. Liz!! We are baking together at your new pad next time im in the bay.