Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitchen Makeover!! How to change it up with out spending a million bucks!

I didnt have a million dollars to spend.. but I had to lighten the dark kitchen in our new apartment. You cant always get what you want. I wanted: new countertops, new backsplash, new fridge, new stove and was desperate to rip out the drop ceiling. But I just couldn't afford it. So I came up with a solution that ran me around $1200.00 and offered a dramatic change. Spray lacquer the cabinets! This really picked up my spirits.

I took off all the doors, hinges, and hardware myself to save a little $$ and carefully numbered and labeled everything for easy restoration. I sent the doors over to my painters shop for spraying. When I was out of town they came over and sprayed the base cabinets. Love them.

If you want to do something like this in your kitchen there are a few ways to go depending on if you rent own etc. and the quality of your cabinets. You can go in with a paint brush or a smooth roller some semi gloss or pearl finish paint and take care of business. Or call a professional for spray lacquer.

Please email if you have questions about your kitchen or need a little advice about any room in your house!


  1. looks killer Megan ! We wanna do a white kitchen when we redo !

  2. hayyyyyyyyy

  3. looks so good meghan... Come do ours!

  4. ugh....I'm using the before image as inspiration. I hate all the white, dead boring kitchens people seem to think they need. And $1200 for some what amounts to a paint job? I built my entire kitchen, including the building addition itself (12x16) for 6k. Foundation, roof, walls windows, doors, the whole thing. Its crazy what people think is a bargain these days.