Friday, May 14, 2010

Ay Cariño!!! Awesome Mexican Food served with LOVE graces the Southside.

I was THRILLED when I heard that the former managers and staff from Bonita had banded together to open Cariño on South 4th Street. They were the heart and soul of that place and have taken all the LOVE and bundled it into one killin mexican joint - Cariño! I have been there a few times since they opened and I have to say... it is... as good if not better than Bonita was! The tastes are much more traditional the sauces much more tangy the bacon on the huevos rancheros is crazy thick cut and crispy fried.. And if you go there for a birthday party they will be happy to embarrass your friend with some loud music and a good round of happy birthday!! What could be better than that!!! The old staff and managers are warmer and more inviting than ever and the service is attentive and real. They Care. It Rocks. A new spot in my weekly rotation! See how happy I am!?
I used to go to Bonita for the huevos rancheros on the regular and I am happy to announce.. This one tastes better.. and I am pretty sure its cheaper!!
After we got our check.. hello!
They totally brought us this flan on the house! And damn it was good! Great creamy texture.
Go check it out!! And for those who like to drink.. they will get their liquor license very soon!! And word on the street is a frozen margarita machine is coming their way! Hello!! Happy Summer Y'all!! I know where you'll be!!

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  1. Why am I not getting the call to join you!!!