Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday I cruised by Brooklyn Art Studios open house to see my friend Trina Ongs paintings.. 276 Greenpoint avenue (Bldg 1 Flr 3) I guess I havn't been to an art open house since 1999!!! Which is a damn shame because there are so many people out there making great things!! First stop was Trina's Studio where I saw her in her fabulous dress... Her paintings were beautiful... romantic calm organic and somehow frenetic at the same time...
She offered me a glass of wine.. and I remembered right!! people drink at these things!! Fantastic! Almost every artist booth had their own little boozie situation, wine and candy, jameson and pretzles, beer and chips, the plastic cups were everywhere! Underneath Trinas wine display was a beautifully quilted patchwork of old plaid shirts, dress shirts, bowling shirts, suits jackets, jeans, all with the pockets on! Hello! Ralph Lauren eat your heart out.... Colin Adrian started sewing and these pieces are the result.. I love them. Especially the "F.U." pillow case above.
Down the hall I wandered into a dark room that was glowing with skulls crystals and razor wire... Apparently this artist.. Reverend Ian White Maher gets all these goat skulls from a butcher and puts them in a box with flesh eating bugs until they are clean.... GROODY! and AMAZING! I mean totally weird and fabulous.. why arent 10 of these hanging in some meat lovers restaurant??
A beautiful painting of New York City.. viewed from the Pulaski Bridge... painting NYC as I would imagine Van Gough might!! Ana Paola from ChiTown Thank you.
And Of course I could not resist DICK CITY by Cassandra Giacchi
And there was really so much more.. video, installation, sculpture, jewelry.... but after two cups of wine I was dizzy with it... Thank you Brooklyn Art Studios.. What a fun afternoon!


  1. hey meghan, it was so nice to see you at the show! thanks for coming, i really appreciate it. hugs!

  2. Glad you enjoyed visiting our Open Studios, and thanks for sharing your experience with your blog readers! :)

  3. What a total inspiration the skull chandelier is and I can't find a damn thing but a picture of it! What's up with Rev Ian? No internet access or marketing help? He'd sure benefit and I'd sure volunteer on a commission basis! Where is this man's shop, www, ANYTHING? I was so inspired I can't even tell you- I'm not morbid at all, I like to think I'm positive- but I love anything that just stops you in your tracks. I could swear it was that episode that made me pull out my portfolio which had been stored a decade ago with the declaration "I'm a better audience" well, FUCK THAT- no wonder I need xanax, no where for the energy to go if you're not willing to put it out there... if you ever find info and recall this comment holla :)

  4. Oh, I feel silly- your link was clickable