Sunday, November 15, 2009


Turns out my very good friend Angelika Winner sits down every Saturday morning and plans out an entire week of meals!!! She goes thru her recipes and her schedule and then creates a list of the meals, the ingredients, what she has to purchase at the farmers market, and what she has to purchase at the grocery store! Amazing! Who does this anymore?! Angie learned this technique from her mother who keeps it fresh by introducing new recipes all the time and rotating successful ones... This helps both of them conserve food and conserve funds. The recipes are always very vegetable oriented and take into account the season and what is available from local farmers markets. This way she supports local farms and the environment by purchasing things that have not been shipped too far or grown in a hothouse. Food with a low carbon footprint. I went with Angie to the Fort Green Farmers Market on Saturday to observe her in action...
The Fort Green Famers Market is picturesque. Set on a the edge of Fort Green Park between beautiful trees and rows of brownstones.
This is possibly one of the best small farmers markets in Brooklyn. It has everything you need: fresh local fish, meat, cheese, dairy, bakery goods, bread and a huge array of fruit and veggies.
Every week Angie plans her dinners as well as her lunches making a large tray of pizza that she can take in for lunch. The highlights for this weeks meals were: Brussels Sprout and Bacon Tart -a recipe her mother had sent her. YUM! Winter Greens with Marinated Mushrooms and Walnuts, You Won't Believe its Not Mashed Potatoes (made from cauliflower!), Chinese Dumplings, and a delicious interpretation of a potato tortilla - another recipe from mom! Angie was kind enough to translate it from german for us here:
I am inspired by Angie's approach and like the way she keeps it as local as possible. It is a pretty amazing accomplishment for an urbanite these days!!! Thanks Angie!!

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