Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallows Eve Highlights: The Woods Taco Truck

Well it was a great night out until I lost my phone at 3am while eating delicious carne asada tacos from The Woods Taco Truck... the good news is the tacos were so good that while I was experiencing mexican heaven I momentarily forgot I that lost my phone! This may be one of the best taco trucks in the hood!! You may remember them from Metropolitan and Bedford. A must for anyone searching for inexpensive yummy mexican food.
Now this year people seemed to get very crafty with the costumes... The eyeballs made from giant chinese lanterns and craft paper really took the cake. And lets just say i wasnt the only one to hand paint their day of the dead costume!! my dia de los muertos homie Bridgette.
Masquerader and my Skeletor
Oh Banana Man
I think Tracey Ulman? or? someone who lives in a florida retirement home? The fanny pack is really the best...
bride of weddings past.
doin it right. flower child.
the best!! these two ladies were major. home made costumes from chinese paper lanterns craft paper.. and even little red veins on the whites...
Joesphine Baker. Ballsy as hell.
Le Mondrian. Hand painted and genius. she was art.
People told me he was an action hero from a video game.. but what you dont see.. is his small yellow umbrella - because that will protect him from the rain right?
Pizza Guy. Held that box all night long.
Lookin good! Morticia and Gomez Adams.
And me! again! showin off my bones.
All in all the best costumes are the ones that people make. A little imagination can go a long way. Until next year!!!

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