Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pimpin aint easy.. but that living room needed a bi*%ch slap!! Marla Weinhoff extends her hand and whips it into shape!!

Before After
Marla Weinhoff a truly talented and accomplished production designer with an amazing eye for interiors was being taunted by her husbands living room. She would wake up at night and hear it calling out to her.."Marla?? are you there?? Can you hear me? Help me! Fabulize me!"

It all started at The Modern Show where we saw the amazing sofas that inspired us.... From Rue Auber. Edward Wormely for Dunbar with original fabric from the 1960's by Jack Lenor Larsen. With a little encouragement from yours truly..she bought them!! And so the makeover started! The dominos fell one by one... the carpet... the coffee table, the book cases, the dining table, the chairs, and before we knew it... THE WHOLE LIVING ROOM!!

Marla always told me a carpet is the soul of any room. So we started at ABC Carpet. She showed our friend Paul photos of the sofas and he directed us to a large burgundy gradated silk and wool carpet.... A nice background to compliment the wild sofas. With two sofas Marla thought - two coffee tables for sure!! After looking for a couple weeks she realized it may be cheaper to fabricate.. so she did a sketch and she sent it to Raphael over at RG Tile. Fossil Black Marble.. beautiful!!
We all know decorating a room can be expensive so Marla had to cut corners where she could... I convinced her to go to Ikea where we found the Besta shelving system. They had narrow 7" deep shelves for the major amount of paper backs that had to be stored.. We stacked the shorter shelves on top of the tall ones to give a floor to ceiling custom effect for a fraction of the price...
The TV console is also from Ikea and added a fun pop of color while providing storage for the thousands of playstation controllers that had been found littering the house..
We all love a Saarinen but the real ones are so expensive, new they have a 6-10 week lead time! Who can wait for that!? Here is a reproduction of the original tulip table from Room and Board in black marble. Amazing photo of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin by LesGuzman.
the repro tulip chairs are from Shop Seating. Marla used beautiful leopard fabric to cover the seats of the chairs and give them a custom feel!! Another trip to ABC revealed this beautiful camoesque silk and wool carpet for under the dining table...
Before After
A tall red velvet curtain conceals a little nook for storage while adding height to this now pimped living room!!! Looking good and everyone enjoying!! Hottness!


  1. and may I add, that while my girl Meghan was with me every step of the way, she soared to great heights when she single handedly hooked up the playstation, cable, and flat screen in the move to the other side of the room....something I would still be having a nervous breakdown over. The only thing my new family required was that the TV/Playstation they were very happy thanks to Meggo

  2. Oh girls, what a lovely improvement! Way to werk it!

  3. this is insane! ladies, you did an incredible job. what a lucky guy!!

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