Tuesday, November 3, 2009

KIKU IN THE HOUSE!! At The New York Botanical Gardens thru Nov 15th

The Kiku exhibition is back at the New York Botanical Gardens. It is an astounding exhibition of 1500 years of history, complete patience, and total dedication to the cultivation of chrysanthemum plants. My mother who was once a florist and now a garden designer came to New York to see this show with me in 2007 on its first run.. This was the first time the Kiku technique had been displayed outside Japan... And now it is back!! I highly recommend a visit. The exhibition is incredible.. Who knew 229 flowers could grow and bloom on the same plant at the same time and in such order!! And dont forget to stop by the children's garden which is fantastic and full of imaginative ideas for kids gardens.... or the big kid in all of us!

A description of the show from the New York Botanical Gardens website:
"The chrysanthemum (菊 kiku in Japanese) is revered throughout Japan, where it has been carefully cultivated and expertly trained into codified forms through floricultural techniques developed over 1,500 years. Cultivating and training kiku is exceptionally difficult, requiring expertise and constant attention throughout a 12-month growing period, during which time the plants are vigilantly watered, pinched, staked, and tied to grow in a variety of highly specialized shapes."

For more information visit The New York Botanical Gardens website: http://www.nybg.org/kiku09/
Here is my mother posing with the "Sun Below The Mountain"...I'm sorry did you say this plant has 229 flowers??
The Children's garden!! So many fun fantastic ideas to get kids interested in the garden!!

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