Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My dear friend Arthur MacDonald has a decorative obsession with the fifties. He has toiled for years over his west village apartment creating his own manifestation of fifties decor... He has hand painted faux wall papers and linoleum flooring, installed faux brick walls and custom made bamboo room dividers, meticulously restored furniture and lighting, and sewn draperies from vintage fabrics... Arthur has done it all himself... and of course with a little help from his friends.. I mean REALLY!!!! SOMEBODY SHOOT A MOVIE IN ME!!!
"Lighting is the liveliest of the home decorating arts, and, by it's nature, the most important. It is also the most neglected. Without imaginative, creative lighting, even impeccable decorative instinct and the finest furnishings fail to attain glorious realization. Lighting is the touchstone, the unifying and vitalizing force, where even ordinary rooms are startlingly transformed, and special rooms achieve sudden, striking distinction!" - Arthur MacDonald

Dirty Martini Anyone?

Here we see the inspiration developed at a very young age... and as we know the home we grow up in shapes us for life!! Arthur below with his bothers and sister....
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